We’ve compiled a list of funding opportunities for early career scientists at multiple levels. If you have interest in joining us, please review the Thrash Lab personnel expectations to see if our culture and attitude look like a fit. If so, email Cameron your CV with some comments about your motivation to work with us and your particular project interests.

Improving your graduate school expectations

Pursuing your graduate degree is an excellent investment in your future. It’s also important to have appropriate expectations about what graduate school will entail and the possible career outcomes for PhDs in biological sciences. We have specific personnel expectations for the Thrash Lab, and JCT is always willing to discuss these further. Here are some additional resources from other places for information on what to expect during and after graduate school:
Nature’s 2019 survey of over 6,000 Ph.D. students from around the world.
A message for mentors from dissatisfied graduate students.
Infographic: Where will a biology Ph.D. take you?
Ten simple rules for developing good reading habits during graduate school and beyond.

Funding for Undergraduate students

Current and prospective Undergraduates should read this piece in Nature: From lectures to the lab: three steps to becoming an undergraduate researcher

Funding for Graduate students

The Johns Hopkins List of Graduate Student Funding Opportunities
The Johns Hopkins List of Underrepresented Minority and Low-income Graduate Student Funding Opportunities

Funding for Postdoctoral researchers

The Johns Hopkins List of Postdoctoral Funding Opportunities

last updated: 02/28/20