Air sampling for BIOL4125

Today, with Professor Gary King’s help (who also teaches BIOL4125 but during the Fall), we did some sampling of the air in and around our classroom building, Lockett Hall. We have samples from multiple classrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and outdoors near the building. Some photos below. Students will be picking colonies next week, and later we’ll id them via 16S. Not terribly scientific, since we didn’t include appropriate controls, but it definitely scores high on nerdy coolness scales (I’ve checked them all).

The impactor sampler, into which we stuck plates with minimal medium:

The basic supplies:

One of the BIOL4125 students sampling the classroom- (glad Gary bought an impactor that was Tiger colors):

Gary King processing some samples:


Prokaryotic Diversity course this semester

Cameron will be teaching Prokaryotic Diversity (BIOL 4125) this semester. Classes are MWF 0930-1020. The course has its own twitter handle @LSUProkDiv, and all participants will be tweeting under the hashtag #BIOL4125. Each class a new microbe will be added to this hashtag from the Around the Tree exercise, which will highlight a suite of important microbial taxa. We will also be covering material across phylogenetic, lifestyle, physiological, and genomic diversity, as well as a unit on measuring diversity. Cameron is partnering with Jonathan Eisen at UC Davis on this module, which will give students an opportunity to sample and analyze microbial communities of the classroom built environment. Finally, students will be creating Wikipedia entries on taxa with no current representations. Links to those will be available from the twitter hashtag and be posted here. Stay tuned!

Update, 1/13/14: Jonathan and I have decided to remove the sampling element at this time. The course was getting a little too complex, and there will be opportunities to analyze microbial communities in other ways.


Last #LSUCompBio seminar of the semester

I’m giving the final #LSUCompBio talk for this semester (so I won’t be live tweeting it, most likely) tonight at 5:30 in LSA A101. The title of my talk is “We’re not in a petri dish anymore: pulling back the curtain on microbial genomics using cultivation-independent techniques.” The talk will be broadcast live and archived afterwards. I’ll be giving an introduction to microbial metagenomics and single-cell genomics, with an example of combining the two from a recent project of mine.


Computational Biology Seminar Series starting this semester

Hey LSU students, there is going to be a Computational Biology Seminar Series this semester where you can hear researchers from LSU who are involved in many facets of computational biology discuss their work and specific techniques they use. More info at the seminar series website and also at CCT. Check back there frequently (linked above right) as more information will become available, including the schedule for additional speakers (like me!).