As part of our ongoing collaboration with Olivia Mason‘s lab (@OUMasonJar) at Florida State University and Nancy Rabalais’s lab at the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, we are presenting our first data on the microbial communities in the 2013 northern Gulf of Mexico seasonal hypoxia next week at the ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting in sunny Honolulu. Looks like there will be similar work from at least 2012 by Frank Stewart’s lab at Georgia Tech. Come see Lauren Gillies’s poster #2283 “Microbial Community Structure in the July 2013 Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone”¬†on Tuesday, session¬†111 (New Insights Into Microbial Community Metabolism and Coupled Biogeochemical Cycling In Oxygen-Deficient Marine Waters). Looks like several micro labs are converging on the microbiology of Gulf hypoxia. I’ll give you a hint about some of what you will see- it starts with a “T” and ends with a “haumarchaea”! Sadly, I won’t be there, but Lauren and Olivia will, hopefully having a Mai-Tai for all of us!