Saturday night we shoved off in the R/V Pelican from LUMCON a little after midnight, as per the usual shelfwide cruise routine. We motored eastward through the night and arrived at the southwest pass of the Mississippi River Sunday morning, one of its several engineered mouths. After collecting samples through the salinity gradient a little upriver, we turned around and proceeded immediately to the A’ line. We finished the A’ line last night as I went off shift and Lauren took over and this morning. The A line was sampled through the night more exhaustively, including multiple casts per site and box cores. We’re running 12 hour shifts, 7-7. I’m on in the day and my night counterpart is Lauren Gilles (@GillesLE), a PhD student in Olivia Mason’s (@OUMasonJar) lab who was also my partner in crime last year. We’re significantly ramping up our sampling frequency and this year collecting from multiple depths at each site as well. Right now we’re transiting to the B line. For more information on the shelfwide cruise, head over to the site on the topic.







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