The lab is active this summer. I spoke at ASM’s Microbe2018 in Atlanta and just returned from presenting a poster at the Marine Microbes GRC in beautiful Barga, Italy. Mike is heading to ISME17 in Leipzig, Germany to present his work later this month. Mike, Celeste, and I have also been traipsing all over southern Louisiana in support of our NSF-funded project to unravel lineage-specific evolutionary adaptations to alternative salinity regimes in coastal SAR11 bacterioplankton. Every month we cover over 800 miles to get to our four coastal sites.

We also welcome Jordan Coelho to the lab as our newest Ph.D. student! Jordan just finished a second bachelors degree, this time in microbiology, from Oregon State University and worked in the lab of Kim Halsey. Later this month we’ll be joined by Alex Hyer, another Ph.D. student coming from the University of Utah. He worked in the lab of William Brazelton and is currently doing a summer internship with NASA! We’re excited to have you both with us, Jordan and Alex.