Thrash Lab research at Ocean Sciences 2020

We’re at the Ocean Sciences Meeting next week! Both Celeste and Jordan are presenting posters showing their research on some very important groups of marine microorganisms, directly benefitting from new isolates in each clade:

New isolates and genomes allow for a comprehensive characterization of SAR11 subclade IIIa
Presenter: V. Celeste Lanclos
Poster #: MM14A-0284
Abstract ID: 652607
Time: 02/17/2020 16:00-18:00

Pangenomics and ecophysiology of SAR116 bacterioplankton
Presenter: Jordan T. Coelho
Poster #: MM14A-0285
Abstract ID: 646870
Time: 02/17/2020 16:00-18:00

See you there!

Thrash Lab research at ASM

We’re heading to ASM Microbe 2019 this week and both Celeste and Mike are presenting unpublished results of their current research. Mike is giving a talk and both have posters are in the AES session on Sunday 6/23:

AES-1090: Comparative Genomics and Physiology Using New Isolates Supports Niche Differentiation within Coastal SAR11 Subclade IIIa – V. Celeste Lanclos

AES-1101: Large Scale High-Throughput Cultivation Insights into the Culturabilty and Ecosystem Functions of Important Coastal Bacterioplankton – Michael W. Henson

Mike’s talk is in S324 – Anchoring Microbes to Biogeochemical Function (Sunday 6/23 1:30-4:00pm), with a host of other excellent scientists like Kelly Wrighton, Romy Chakraborty, Alex Greenlon, Paul Carini, and Roland Hatzenpichler. Large Scale High-Throughput Cultivation Insights into the Culturabilty and Ecosystem Functions of Important Coastal Bacterioplankton – Michael W. Henson

I’ll also be co-hosting a plenary session with Kelly Wrighton on Friday 6/21: S019 – Moving Beyond the Omics Crystal Ball: Functional Validation of Genome-enabled Predictions

Celeste and Jordan receive accolades

This has been a productive month for Celeste and Jordan!

Celeste received an Honorable Mention for her Graduate Research Fellowship Program application, and had her abstract selected for a talk at the Southern California Geobiology Symposium at Cal Tech. It was her first talk and she crushed it.

Cameron, Alex, Celeste, and Jordan after Celeste’s talk at the SoCal Geobiology Symposium

Jordan received the Biology Outstanding Teaching Award for her services to BISC 307 (Human Physiology)- not even her area of study!

Jordan with her award (photo stolen from her Twitter feed)

Great job both of you! We’re very proud of your accomplishments so far.

Mike wins McDaniel Travel Award to attend #ISME17

Congratulations to Mike on winning the LSU Biological Sciences McDaniel Travel Award! 1000 clams goes a long way! Some notes on this memorial award, from the LSU Graduate Student Awards website:

“The McDaniel Travel Award is a competitive award that memoralizes Michael McDaniel, a promising graduate student who  died tragically in the second year of his PhD program.  Established by his family and given semi-annually the award funds travel expenses for graduate students to attend national or international meetings in the Biological Sciences and to present a paper or poster on the graduate research of the students.”

Mike will use this prestigious award to help him present at #ISME17 in Leipzig, Germany.


Thrash Lab presentations at Ocean Sciences

We’re going to Ocean Sciences in Portland next week. Both Celeste and Mike have posters on Thursday, February 15th from 1600-1800:

MM44A-1512: The Ecology, Physiology, and Genomic Analysis of Novel SAR11 Isolates

MM44A-1513: Cultivation, genomics, and characterization of the first isolate from the freshwater SAR11 clade LD12

Session MM44A: Functional, Ecological, and Evolutionary Implications of Microdiversity and Intraspecific Variability in Aquatic Microorganisms I.


Thrash lab presentations at #ASMicrobe

Mike, Celeste, and Emily will all be presenting at the 2017 ASM Microbe conference in New Orleans this coming weekend. Here is the info to find them:

Saturday (6/3)
Poster Session: AES11 – Freshwater and Marine Microbiology I
Time: 12:15 PM – 2:15 PM

Cultivation and Ecology of Novel SAR11 Taxa from Coastal Louisiana Waters (#700), V. Celeste Lanclos

Metabolic and Physiological Flexibility in a Coastal Isolate from the OM252 Clade of Gammaproteobacteria (#712), Emily Nall

Sunday (6/4)
Symposium: 425 – Culturing the Unculturable in a Sequencing Age (Room 352)
Time: 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Fresh and Salty: Cultivating Bacteria from the Coast of Louisiana, Michael W. Henson