Shelby Barnes, Poster: The Impact of Photo-Oxidation on Hydrocarbon Bioremediation by Marine Microbes
Saturday 6/17 AES-815

Brittany Bennett, Poster: A Member of the SAR11 Clade Produces Polyhydroxyalkanoate under Low Nitrogen and Phosphate Conditions – Saturday 6/17 EEB-1114

Cole Hider, Poster: Isolation and Ecophysiology of a Novel Roseobacter CHAB-I-5 Isolate, US3C007 – Saturday 6/17  EEB-1134

Jordan Coelho, Poster and Rapid Fire talk: Title to be revealed later – EEB Rapid Fire Presentation Sunday 6/18 9:25-9:30 am; Poster Sunday 6/18 EEB-1126.